*Giveaway 5 gift sub to 5 lucky viewers
on 29 March (Monday) 2021, at 11pm (SGD Time)

*How do I join?
(you have to follow fellowsheep_co on twitch)

*What do I do?
(For every 5,000 rewards points redeemed on (fellowsheep_co) channel, you get a Lucky draw ticket and one twitch account can only have a maximum of 5 tickets only.) (Subscriber automatically gets +1 ticket and maximum of 6).

*When will the blessed draw take place?
You can start redeeming  tickets anytime (From 04/02/2021 onwards till 26/02/2021, 11pm SGT)

*Do I need to be present on the day of the lucky draw?
(no but it will be fun so come on in)
The blessed draw will start on, 29March (Monday) 2021 at 11pm.

*Is it only for Singapore citizens?
(NO, the value of the money is based on 1 Gig, so the rates varies based on where your from,

as I will be sending to overseas by paypal)

*My Streaming Schedule
(Monday / Tues/ Friday, 10pm till 1am, might start earlier or end later varies)

This is just to thank @everyone for the friendship, support and laughter along the way.

drop me a chat if I am live streaming, would love to say hi 

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