for participating and winning the $100 usd.

$100 USD Giveaway to 1 lucky viewer

on 26 JUNE (Saturday) 2021, at 11pm (SGD Time)

*How do I join?
(you have to follow fellowsheep_co on twitch)

*What do I do?
(For every 5,000 rewards points redeemed on (fellowsheep_co) channel,

you get a Lucky draw ticket and one twitch account can only have a maximum of 5 tickets only.)

(Subscriber automatically gets +1 ticket and maximum of 6).

*When will the blessed draw take place?
You can start redeeming tickets anytime (From 30/05/2021 onwards till 26/06/2021, 11pm SGT)

*Do I need to be present on the day of the lucky draw?

The blessed draw will start on, 26 JUNE (Saturday) 2021 at 11pm.

*Is it only for Singapore citizens?
(NO, the value of the money is based on 100 USD

 so the rates varies based on where your from,

as I will be sending to overseas by paypal)

*My Streaming Schedule
(Monday / Tues/ Friday, 10pm till 1am, might start earlier or end later varies)

This is just to thank @everyone for the friendship, support and laughter along the way.

drop me a chat if I am live streaming, would love to say hi