for winning $50 SGD

Congratulation to @Lighthazel for winning the 13th giveaway of $50 SGD blessed draw

for the month of December,

@Zanos for the month of November, TohVahKiin for October, goldfalchion for september,

@Noobieehwz for August, @NekoKariko for August, @goldfalchion for July, @celesterains for June.


We are having another giveaway of $50 SGD to 1 viewer on the 27th January  (Thursday) 2021,

at 12pm - (SGD Time)


How do I join?

(1 Ticket for every 2000 rewards points redeemed on (  fellowsheep_plus  ),

(Subscriber to channel and automatically gets +1 ticket) and

(every GIFTSUB is 1 ticket into the lucky draw.)

The more tickets you have, the highest the chances of winning.

When will the blessed draw take place?

You can start redeeming tickets anytime (From 01/01/2022 onwards till 27/01/2022)


Do I need to be present on the day of the lucky draw?

YES, The blessed draw will start on, 27 January (Thursday) 2022 at 12 pm.

Is it only for Singapore citizens?

(NO, the value of the money is based on 50 SGD so the rates vary based on where you from,

as I will be sending to overseas by Paypal)

My Streaming Schedule**

(Tuesday 11 am SGT / GMT +8)

(Thursday 11 am SGT/ GMT+8)

might start earlier or end later varies (do check streaming schedule on twitch)

Thank @everyone for the friendship, support, and laughter along the way.

Your support is the reason this can happen, thank you all for being a blessing.