Donation Basket

The Donation Basket will reset every week tuesday 4pm Singapore time,

an X amount of gils you can collect every week based on your rank.

You just have to keep donating to get rank up.

1) Teleport to Doman Enclave

2) Click on Donation Basket

Located at X: 7.2 Y: 7.3

and donate in exchange for gils

3) I would recommand using

Goblinol which you can get from from Hismena,

under Allagan Tombstones of Poetics (other),

then select Goblinol, because it has good exchange rates.

4) Who is Hismena?

she is the npc trader located at X5.8 Y5.3 at Idllshire

trading your Allagan Tombestone of Poetics for items.