In regards to Fellowsheep Drawing Live and

video content playlist on youtube.

This is a place where I share about the how and the what

inspired me to draw and share what I do.

Just like Sheepography, it's never about me,

it's always about how faithful and good Jesus our loving Shepherd is.

So this channel will be focusing more youtube playlist like

The youtube Music Meditation Playlist to be resonating in the peaceful

music for one to spend time with the Lord, while having the youtube video

to run and show how the clouds evolve in the skies. Because that's what
I see everyday in Singapore and I intend to share the view with you.

The youtube Drawing Highlights to be connecting and sharing the whats

the how and why I drew what I drew before I post it online.

so subscribe to the youtube channel at

and be first to be notify if I am doing DRAWING LIVE.

So do support the channel and let's see where the Lord Leads :)