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Welcome to Fellowsheep_plus.
I am a variety streamer on Twitch.
I mainly stream Monster Hunter Rise and Final Fantasy XIV,
but I do other games as well.

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We pray that Jesus the Shepherd
be always present in every session and
that the time spent together brings edification and encouragement.


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Fellowsheep_plus started as a recommendation for my streaming journey and has now become a brother to me and still remains one of my favourite people I got to know during 2021.

All it took was punchlines that hit harder than a gut punch and those famous sunglasses (I miss them) One of the shining qualities of him compared to other streamers is he treats you as a FRIEND first, not a viewer. But that alone will have you coming back to view the channel over and over again.. But that's just my view on it. A testament to his quality is summed up by him playing games i have never been interested in but I'm still wanting to tune in whenever he is live and you shouldn't miss out either Don't let the ship sail without you on board, tune in, follow, laugh along and build a fellowship with Fellowsheep_co

- thefitnessgamer -

Fellowsheep_plus is a chill streamer who maintains a comfortable environment for everybody to hang out in. Even if you don't play the same games, the chat is a lively place to meet new friends and have conversations! Sheepu also makes an effort to get to know each person and create an entertaining show with funny stream effects, redeems, and jokes. It's always a pleasant time to hang out there!

- Sparklewolfie -

"If you are looking for a genuine, one-in-a-kind streamer, look no further than Fellowsheep_plus. I met Fellowsheep_plus through a mutual friend, and he's quickly become one of my favorite content creators. You don't come to his streams for the games he's playing, rather you join in for him. He wants everyone in his chat to feel welcomed and part of the group, regardless if it's their first time in the stream or the one-hundredth time. He's very community-focused, and should be a shining example of what a streamer should aim for."

- E to Interact -

Fellowsheep_plus is a surreal soul who has a passion to connect with everyone he encounters. His streams are always so warming and welcoming as he always strives to make his streams a place just to have a laugh! Fellowsheep_plus has always been so friendly and open that it feels like we have been friends for decades. If you haven't hang out with Fellowsheep_plus, then you're missing out on all the laughter and good times.

- missqtee -

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Welcome to Fellowsheep_plus FFXIV page

where we connect together in the world

of Final Fantasy XIV to build friendship

and relationship together to have fun

and to share different tips and tricks in the game

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