About Me

Welcome to FellowSheep.co

A Space where FriendSHEEP is made,

RelationSHEEP is built, KinSHEEP is Forged.

My name is Kelvin,

I am the creator and the artist for Sheepography and Grace is.

Thank you, everyone, for all the support towards

the ministry all these years.


As I intend to go on a hiatus for Sheepography

in search of a new direction to get new and fresh inspirations

during this season. I decided to create a new entity where everyone can

come together as a family and continue to encourage

each other in the name of Jesus,

our loving Shepherd. Hence the brand (FellowSheep)

At the meanwhile, I have create some social medial platform to share about

Drawings, Gaming and just daily routines of

the interesting nuggets that inspired me to draw.

So do like and follow fellowsheep.co for more updates :)



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